The Ultimate Guide to Setting up a Profitable Paid Newsletter

Are you going to finally become profitable as a creator, influencer, or changemaker?

There’s a lucrative secret being whispered about in the creator economy. A new path to monetising your audience and creating a bigger impact without relying on ad revenues or soulless sponsorships.

It’s the meteoric rise of paid email newsletters.

You read that right – plain old email is helping to create millionaires from savvy creators, thought leaders and changemakers willing to cash in on their expertise and loyal following.

58% of consumers say checking email is the first thing they do at the start of the day.

Optin Monster

No more trading human hours for dollars on-call as an “expert.” Now you call the shots and keep 100% of the profits.

What is a paid email newsletter?

A paid newsletter is a subscription-based email newsletter where readers pay to receive exclusive written content directly in their inbox.

Recently, this has emerged as a powerful platform for creators, thought leaders, influencers and changemakers to connect with an audience.

Why does newsletter marketing matter?

Writers can build an intimate relationship with readers. Readers get valuable insights tailored just for them. It provides an independent income stream outside of ads

Between 2021 and 2022, 402 million emails were sent using beehiiv. In 2023, the number catapulted to 4.5 billion emails.


The benefits are significant:

For Writers

  • You have full creative control over your work.
  • Get paid upfront by your audience who are subscribed to your paid newsletter,
  • Avoid having to chase clicks for your revenue stream.
  • You can become an independent creator and thought leader.

For Readers

  • Access to high-quality, unique and original content.
  • Joining a community of like-minded people around topics you care about. Getting writer’s unique voices and perspectives straight to your inbox.
  • A premium, distraction-free content experience.

The real power: Paid newsletters shift the dynamics

Writers can own their audience relationships and monetise directly.

By launching your own paid newsletter, you can build a sustainable writing income on your terms. You can cultivate a super-engaged audience around your ideas. You can make an impact as an independent voice.

For creators looking to take control, there is no better platform.

Here’s How Email Paid Newsletters Work

Through platforms like Beehiiv, ConvertKit and Substack, anyone can start a subscription newsletter and get paid recurring revenue from their biggest fans and supporters. You share your premium insights, analysis and content exclusively with your paid subscribers.

They pay you a monthly or annual fee to join your inner circle and go deeper on topics they crave that knowledge in.

It’s the perfect model for creators tired of Facebook’s news feed roulette and Instagram’s algorithmic lack of interest in your amazing content.

Get ready to own your audience and revenue source directly.

No algorithms, no data mining – just you and your followers and community in the intimacy of their inbox.

Whether you’re a creator, social media influencer, blogger, writer, podcaster journalist, author, coach or consultant, the paid newsletter business model could be just right for you.

So…are you ready to quit the hustle and build real wealth as a newsletter creator?

Creators and Influencers are Visionaries who have an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact on the world, if they choose to.

Matt Mahmood-Ogston

On this page, we’ve collected some of our most comprehensive guides, articles and research pieces about email marketing and paid newsletters to help you get started and win.

No matter what your level, Bona Parle is here to support you on your creative journey ahead with creating a successful and profitable email newsletter.

Paid Newsletter Strategies

Everything you need to know to create, run and profit from newsletter marketing and

  1. Introduction to Newsletters
  2. Newsletters as a Marketing Tool
  3. Creating Content
  4. Building and Growing Your Newsletter Subscribers
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  5. Trends and Innovations in Newsletters
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  6. Newsletter Writing and Editing Techniques
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  7. Monetisation
  8. Newsletter Metrics and Analysis
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  9. Personalisation and Segmentation in Newsletters
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  10. Legal and Ethical Considerations for Newsletters
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  11. Newsletters for Non-profit Organizations and Causes
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If you’ve read and followed the advice in these resources, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the success you have imagined for yourself with starting a successful paid newsletter.