Streamyard Review 2024 – Everything You Need to Know for Live Broadcasting

Dive into my Streamyard review to explore this powerful live streaming for creators and influencers. Easy, effective live broadcasting.

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Live streaming is a powerful tool anyone can master with the right approach and the right set of tools. But it’s difficult to set up, right?

Video streaming and podcasting have revolutionised the way content is now being created and consumed. Minority voices and entire communities have become stronger now that the distribution of video content and live streaming has become affordable and democratised like never before.

Platforms like Streamyard are leading this revolution by making the technology accessible to all.

The global live streaming market grew from $1.24 billion in 2022 to $1.49 billion in 2023. It’s expected to reach $3.21 billion in 2027.


Selecting the best podcast and video streaming service will be an important factor in the success or failure of your live broadcast.

For me, Streamyard stands out as one of the best streaming platforms, setting itself apart from competitors like Zoom or Riverside with ease of use and affordability.

In this review, I’ll explore Streamline’s features and test the free plan. The free plan apparently includes everything you need to start live podcasting and video streaming.

Key Takeaways

  • Streamyard stands out for its user-friendly interface and interactive streaming features.
  • The platform caters to various users, from beginners to professionals, with various plans and pricing.
  • Streamyard enables content creators to engage their audience and effectively broaden their content’s visibility.

What Is Streamyard?

Streamyard is a powerful but simple live-streaming studio that can be used in your browser.

Streamyard lets you broadcast directly to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others.

What makes Streamyard stand out from other platforms is its ease of use and no cost to entry. You can stream live, interview guests, and share your screen without a steep learning curve.

Its user-friendly interface and emphasis on live-streaming functionality simplify the production process for both newcomers and experienced professionals.

This platform boasts a range of interactive features designed to boost audience engagement and broaden the visibility of your content, all without the need for complex equipment or extensive technical expertise.

Various subscription options address users’ diverse requirements, ensuring a suitable solution for everyone, from beginners to professional broadcasters.

Who owns Stream yard?

Streamyard is owned by Hopin, a software company also behind Superwave (a community platform) and Streamable (a video hosting platform).


Hopin was acquired by RingCentral in August 2023.

Who is Streamyard for?

The live streaming software is useful for a wide range of use cases and professions –

  • Brands
  • Influencers
  • Content Creators
  • Business and Community Leaders
  • Media Owners
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs and Startups
  • Politicians and Councillors
  • Religious services
  • Distributed Teams

Key Features of Streamyard*

  • 10 people on screen
  • Logos and lower thirds
  • Multistream to up to 8 destinations
  • Stream pre-recorded clips
  • On screen comments
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Green screen
  • Downloadable recordings
  • Custom RTMP destinations
  • Screen sharing
  • 24/7 support
  • Separate audio files
  • Custom banners, backgrounds, and overlays
  • 7 video layout templates

* correct at 17th March 2024.

Everything is controlled from your browser, eliminating the need for software installations such as when using Zoom.

Streamyard supports up to 10 individuals on screen simultaneously, providing a collaborative and interactive streaming format for each session. The platform allows the integration of logos and lower thirds, adding a professional touch of your branding to your broadcasts. With the capability to multistream to up to 8 destinations, your content can reach audiences across multiple platforms at once.

You can incorporate pre-recorded clips into your live streams for a seamless viewing experience. Engage directly with your audience through on-screen comments, making your streams more interactive and personal.

And Streamyard offers Full HD broadcasting at 1080p for crisp, clear visuals.

There’s also a green screen feature that lets you change your background dynamically, which is perfect if your background is distracting or something you don’t want others to see!

Your broadcasts are downloadable, allowing for easy content repurposing later on, such as on TikTok or Instagram.

With support for RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol), you have the ability to stream to any platform that supports the RTMP protocol.

Screen sharing functionality allows you to share presentations, tutorials, and other media formats that can be accessed locally or on the cloud, broadening the scope and richness of your content.

Benefits of Streamyard

Streamyard stands out for its straightforward interface and its focus on enhancing live video streams. From multiplatform broadcasting to branding options, it simplifies content creation for broadcasters.

Benefit or FeatureDescriptionRelevant Info
Simplicity and UsabilityStreamyard is known for its easy-to-use interface, allowing quick learning.Streamyard Reviews – GetApp
Pre-recorded StreamingOffers the ability to stream pre-recorded videos as if they were live.Benefits Of Pre-Recorded Streaming – StreamYard
Pricing Options starting from FreeHas a pricing plan that suits small-level businesses or solo content creators at $20 per month.StreamYard Pricing
Multi-User IntegrationAbility to integrate multiple users into a single live stream, with smooth switching features.Streamyard Software Reviews – Software Advice
Guest Destinations FeatureAllows guests to add their own social media destinations to the broadcast.Live Stream to Your Guests’ Social Media Channels – StreamYard
Webinar PlatformStreamyard can be used as a webinar platform with features to prevent accidental audience interruptions.The Benefits of StreamYard as a Webinar Platform – The IDA
Browser-BasedNo need to download software, as Streamyard works directly in the browser.Streamyard Review and Tutorial – Ileane Smith
Recording CapabilityLive streams can be recorded for later use or repurposing.Repurpose recordings
Benefits of Streamyard

Multistreaming with Streamyard

Streamyard lets you broadcast simultaneously to multiple platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, X and LinkedIn at the same time. This means you can reach your audience whichever platform they prefer to watch.

Since Streamyard also integrates with Restream, you can widen your reach without juggling multiple streaming services. Restream supports multistreaming to 30+ platforms, including TikTok, Twitch and Kick.


Using Streamyard for Branded Streams

With Streamyard, tailoring your live stream to fit your brand’s style is supported. You can add your logos, images, and use lower thirds to make your content look professional.

Customising your streams helps promote your brand identity, strengthens your brand connection, and increases viewer trust.

Recording with Streamyard

Beyond live streaming, Streamyard offers 1080p HD ‘studio quality’ video recording capabilities supporting local recordings. This is where a separate audio and video file is recorded on your device, so even if you have a weak connection, your recording won’t be blurry or choppy. This is particularly handy for content creators who want to produce high-quality videos for later viewing.

You can also record without going live, allowing you to create content on your schedule with the pressure of live audiences.

Streamyard for Guest Interviews

Streamyard makes inviting guest speakers and conducting interviews relatively easy, supporting multiple on-screen participants.

Guests can join with a simple link, meaning they don’t need to download additional software like you need to with Zoom, making the process very user-friendly for first-time guests.

Is Streamyard Free – How Does the Free Plan Work?

The free plan provides all the free core features – including support for Interviewing guests, comments, screen sharing, video sharing, slide sharing, virtual backgrounds, scrolling tickers, banners, name tags, multiple layout options, brand colours, themes, background music, HD audio and hotkeys.

With the following limitations –

  • Streaming is limited to 20 hours on the free plan.
  • Local recordings are limited to 2 hours per month.
  • 6 on-screen participants at a time.
  • 2 team members/seats.

Testing Streamyard’s Free Plan

Not having much experience of setting up a live streamed before, I was eager to find out just how easy and quick it was to go live with my first broadcast.

I also want to see what the user journey would be like for a first time user.

Streamyard screenshot
1. Very simple and user friendly sign up form
Streamyard screenshot
2. Right from the outset, Streamyard is keen understand your needs
Streamyard screenshot
3. Once signed up the dashboard is clean and simple, providing options to Live Stream, Record or deliver an On-Air Webinar
Streamyard screenshot
4. I chose to try out a live stream using Streamyard’s Studio. From this screen I selected Facebook page.
Streamyard screenshot
5. After authorising Streamyard to connect to my Facebook page I was asked to name my live stream and provide a description. Simples.
Streamyard screenshot
6. It would have been scary if I didn’t have to authorise Streamyard to access my camera.
Streamyard screenshot
7. As I was testing out Streamyard’s Free plan 1080p HD streaming was not available.
Streamyard screenshot
8. I chose 720p resolution, which is perfectly fine for the poor camera built into my iMac
Streamyard screenshot
9. I was good to see there was the option to broadcast in portrait mode, which would be perfect if your audience will mostly viewing on smartphones.
Streamyard screenshot
10. Custom logo is not available in the free plan.
Streamyard screenshot
11. The Live Broadcast settings screen allows to change the styling and colours of titles used for participants.
Streamyard screenshot
12. After clicking the “Go Live” button my live broadcast started and was available on Facebook directly under the “Live” tab of Bona Parle’s Facebook page. There was a lag of about 10 seconds.

Overall I was super impressed by how quickly I was able to get my first live broadcast, well live!

The whole process must have taken less than 5 minutes, from loading up the sign up form to see my stream live on Facebook.

I’ll certainly be keeping my account open and looking for new opportunities to use Streamyard.

Engaging Your Audience

Use Streamyard for Audience Engagement

With features that allow for real-time participation, viewers to your live stream can become an integral part of the broadcast. And as such, you should expect a boost in interaction through live comments that can be displayed on screen, creating a dialogue between you and your audience.

This will not only enhance your community building, but can also be a powerful tool for lead generation.

On the paid plans valuable analytics are provided to track engagement metrics, giving you insights into your audience’s preferences and behaviours.

This data can be critical in adapting your content and strategies to keep viewers coming back for more.

Podcasting with Streamyard

Although I didn’t test this feature out myself, Streamyard also offers solutions for podcasters. For those producing audio podcasts, the platform provides a seamless process to engage with listeners.

The platform can apparently help you publish and distribute your content across various podcasting directories, which helps you reach an audience that prefers listening over viewing.

Separate audio files for each participant can be generated, too, which is perfect for podcasters looking for high-quality audio.

Expanding Content Reach

Streamyard will elevate your video streaming and allow you to reach a wider audience across multiple platforms and repurpose your content for additional value.

Streamline Support

Streamyard’s offers 24/7 support which will be a great comfort if you typically broadcast outside traditional working hours.

Streamyard Pricing

When choosing a video streaming platform costs are important. StreamYard offers a straightforward pricing structure that caters to a range of needs, from personal use to professional broadcast environments.

Free Plan:
If you’re just starting or need to stream occasionally, StreamYard has a no-cost option that enables you to go live in minutes. It includes basic features ideal for simple streaming tasks.

Paid Plans:
For more advanced use, StreamYard presents two main paid plans:

  1. Basic Plan: This is a step up for those who need more functionality. The plan provides added features such as no StreamYard branding on your streams, the ability to stream to three destinations simultaneously, and the addition of custom logos, overlays, and backgrounds.

    This plan allows for up to 10 on-screen participants, a key feature for small businesses looking to hold collaborative live sessions.

  2. Professional Plan: Tailored for frequent streamers and enterprises that require maximum flexibility and control. It supports unlimited streaming, records your live streams, and offers unlimited local recordings. This comprehensive package is presented at an affordable price.

With StreamYard’s paid offerings, you’ll enjoy round-the-clock customer support, an aspect where StreamYard shines in comparison to alternatives like Zoom or Riverside.

Streamyard Reviews

At the time of writing, Streamyard is currently the #1 rated live stream software on with 4.8 out of 5 based on 287 reviews.

In Streamyard reviews, ease of use and browser-based accessibility often gets high praise. The platform is designed to facilitate online engagement, making it a suitable option if you wish to create polished, high-quality live content with minimal fuss.

When considering Streamyard’s strengths, users appreciate the smooth video transitions, the capability for 10 users to participate, and the charm of real-time interaction with viewers.

Everything is controlled from your browser, eliminating the need for software installations such as when using Zoom.

However, some users find the video quality capped at 720p a limitation, especially when better resolutions are expected in today’s online environments. Yet, Streamyard’s ease of use and interactive features often outweigh these concerns, offering a compelling choice for live stream enthusiasts over other platforms like Zoom or Riverside.

Alternatives to Streamyard




Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right platform for your video and podcast streaming needs is crucial. Here, we answer some common queries to help you discover why StreamYard stands out from competitors like Zoom and Riverside FM.

Why is StreamYard better than Zoom?

StreamYard simplifies live collaboration, allowing up to 10 users to join and manage a podcast stream seamlessly. This feature offers a more dynamic and interactive experience, beyond Zoom’s primary focus on video conferencing.

Which is better Riverside FM or StreamYard?

StreamYard excels in live video streaming due to its intuitive browser-based interface which facilitates easy video switching. This is quite handy compared to Riverside FM, which is more geared towards high-quality recording rather than live streaming.

StreamYard’s pricing compare to Zoom and Riverside FM?

Your budget will cheer for StreamYard’s competitive pricing model and free plan. While Zoom and Riverside FM have their benefits, StreamYard offers a range of affordable plans, making it accessible for all levels of users without compromising on essential streaming features.

Is StreamYard good for podcasting?

StreamYard stands out with its emphasis on visual engagement. You can add overlays, backgrounds, and animations to your streams easily, which is something platforms like Zencastr and Podcastle don’t focus on as much since they concentrate on audio content.

StreamYard vs Restream

StreamYard’s ability to integrate with numerous platforms for cross-posting content, including integration with Restream, provides you with a high level of streaming flexibility. This feature is beneficial if you’re looking to expand your audience reach across various social networks.

Which is better StreamYard or Riverside?

StreamYard has been praised for its user-friendly interface that makes live streaming a breeze. Compared to Riverside, StreamYard may offer a smoother experience for users who prioritise ease of use and a streamlined workflow in their streaming activities.

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